Friday, December 15, 2006

Funky Friday's Flavor Is Yellow

La Yellow Collection

Yellow Productions was created in 1993 when jazz, funk and Brazilian music collector DJ Yellow hooked up with Chris LeFriant (Chris The French Kiss aka Bob Sinclar aka The Mighy Bop, resident DJ at famous Parisien club "La Palace") in a record store. The label's roster manifested Chris & DJ Yellow's tastes, and their love of soul, bossa nova, jazz, house and hip hop music.

La Yellow 357's Qu'elle Sensation Bizarre is a kitschy spy theme. C'est fantastique!

The Mighty Bop's Freestyle Linguistique (feat. EJM) is chill hip hop with laid back Franco flow, warm synth pads and nice scratching.

DJ Cam's DJ Cam Theme is just straight up goodness - big beats, great piano and kiler scratching as always.

Bob Sinclar's Rock Solid is some tasty disco loop-age.

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