Friday, December 01, 2006

Funky Friday - Clash Singles Edition

A couple of weeks ago I splurged and bought the beautiful box set The Clash - The Singles. It is the band's 19 UK singles on 19 CD singles. This is really only for compulsive collectors, as most of it is already available, but it is packaged with some things that have never been on CD before. They are really fantastic replicas, from the covers to the actual CD - black plastic with track grooves and replica labels. Each CD has between two and eight tracks, including all the various B-sides issued on different 7" & 12" singles, and some internationally released versions. It is all encased in a nice box to help keep the sleeves pristine. I am a music geek. I like this box a lot. In the band's later years they began to experiment with funkiness, and I've chosen a few examples to share today...

Rockers Galore... UK Tour - dub plate version of Bankrobber - skankin'.
The Cool Out - bitchin' instrumental version of The Call Up - funky disco treatment.

Outside Broadcast (UK 12") - seven minutes of Radio Clash put through the dub machine.
Overpowered By Funk (Argentinian 7") - funk in the title, funk in the bass and beats.

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