Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wes Montgomery

Day 4 of "ripped from the vinyl" week brings another posting of some jazz, this time from guitarist Wes Montgomery. Known for his distinctive style (playing with his thumb instead of a pick), he began his career as a sideman to Lionel Hampton. His early solo records were more traditional jazz fare, quartets and quintets playing originals and a few covers. His mid period, mid '60s recordings for Verve began to show him drifting towards pop, and experimenting with orchestral accompanyment. His late '60s recordings for A&M Records saw him turn almost solely to covering the pop hits of his day. Today you get a taste of early and late era recordings and both are nice and breezy - no pun intended.

Blue Roz (Take 3)
(Wes Montgomery)
Milt Jackson - Vibes
Wynton Kelly - piano
Sam Jones - Bass
Philly Joe Jones - Drums
Recorded December 18, 1961

(Ruthann Friedman)
Herbie Hancock - Piano
Ron Carter - Bass
Grady Tate - Drums
Recorded June 6-8 & 26, 1967

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