Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mamaluco Kukuruchu Chico Güerro!!!

One of my fave albums of this year was actually released last year. I just never got my own copy of Panico's Subliminal Kill until earlier this year. It is a tremendously funny, funky and rocking set of punk funk disco attack. This is the bio from the band's myspace page...

In a nutshell, PANICO are quite simply our best hope to ever have some kind of decent rawk-n-roll over here in France. Ironic, them being an all-Chileña gang that used to haunt the streets of Santiago under the mystic gaze of the South American sun.

They come a long way and together have been associated with more than ten major releases in their homeland of Chile. Now, after a bizarre chance encounter in a Parisian bookstore, they have became a full-fledge Tigersushi artist and are quite simply, ready to rock. It’s time for Eduardo (lead vocal), Carolina (bass, backing vocal), Memo (Lead guitar) Seba and Squatt (drums, turntables) to launch an onset on the world.

A dashing collection of never heard before singles, Subliminal Kill puts together the best of European electronics (Joakim (TS-Versatile) and Cristian Vogel of Super Collider fame are behind the production desk). It kicks off with the mutant ESG meets Os Mutantes dub of Que Pasa Wey and engulfs maelstrom after maelstrom of noise, superb bass grooves, psychedelic mayhem and serious rock-riffing.

No news on whether new music is in the works from the band, but that's OK cuz' I'm still loving the old stuff. Transpiralo (featuring Crazy Girl) is propulsively raunchy and rude and full of big cowbell. Crazy Girl's come on is too much fun. If you head on over to their myspace page you can grab an mp3 of a yet-to-be-released track Bate En La Mano which is nice and gritty and a lot more punk than funk. A great record that is deserving of your attention. (And a big smooch to 20 Jazz Funk Greats for introducing me to the band...)

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