Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Message To The Boys (And Girls)

I'm on vacation all of this week - from my real life, that is. The job and the blog have taken second place to the wife and kids as we sleep in late and putz around the house. So far it has been great. I have a 30 minute window of opportunity here so I'm doing a quicky post. Minneapolis' The Replacements are one of the city's great rock bands. Formed in the early '80s when they were a bunch of kids, drunken and obnoxious, they reeled around the stage and studio, and in the process created some great songs and a few pretty good albums. The shift from indie to major label in the late '80s was the beginning of the end of the band, resulting with slicker records and disillusion. Rhino has just released a great 20 track best of called Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?, especially notable for it's two new songs. Yes, new songs from secret sessions in Minneapolis over the winter with the surviving members all playing a part. It is a rockin' ride from start to finish, with lots of songs from the early years and the better songs from the later years. Today you get one of the new tunes, Message To The Boys. It's pretty typical Replacements fare - fast paced, gritty yet tuneful riffage, with Paul Westerberg's rough vocals. Very nice.

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