Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Scream Deluxe Edition

Siouxsie & The Banshees' seminal debut from 1978, The Scream, has gotten the super sweet, two disc deluxe edition reissue treatment - in Europe. It's a slow time for new releases so I picked up the import this week. It is, of course, ultimately delicious. The digital remastering was done from the original tapes, sourced with Steve Severin's help. Disc one is the original LP, produced by Steve Lillywhite. It's blend of punk, post-punk and art rock holds up very nicely. The album mixes hard edged rockers with spartan atmospherics, and tops it all of with the unmistakable voice of Siouxsie Sioux. She whoops, yells and screams and it is captivating and original. There is also the fab cover of the Beatles' Helter Skelter, with voices replacing the trademark "da na na na na na na" riff in the chorus. One of my fave tunes from the record is Mirage, which starts out strummy like an Adam Ant tune and then promptly marches into strident punk territory with big riffs and shouty chorus. The second disc is rarities, Peel sessions and singles. It's a great companion to the LP to hear the songs done in a rougher, more unproduced style. Hong Kong Gardens (Single A Side) is the tune that made most people pay attention, with it's instantly recognizable guitar riffs and bamboo vibes and that voice. It sounds freaking great. A fantastic reissue that will hopefully see a US release. Bring on Kaleidoscope and Ju Ju...

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