Friday, January 13, 2006

Funky Friday? ¡Claro Que Si!

Yello's second LP Claro Que Si! - Spanish for "Yes, of course" - was released in 1981, a quick year after their debut Solid Pleasure. Musically it picks up right where that record left off - left field electronics, quirky new wave, samba and a little bit of everything else collide with Dieter's deliciously bizarre lyrics and vocals. The first tune on the record is Daily Disco. Dieter is in full on new wave rant, singing about a sexy dancer on the floor over a disco beat with spooky synths and a bit of Moroder shimmer. It leads into a great, spaced out dance break, then back into the song, ending with the lyric "I wanna see you moving, Dancing all the night, Don't come any closer, It's damaging my sight." Gotta love it. This remaster has been expanded with 6 tracks - a couple of remixes, a live track and two songs rerecorded in 1985 - The Evening's Young and Daily Disco (1985 Version). The re-recording drops the new wave quirk, adds some epic, spooky church organ, a much tighter beat and a slicker, produced backing track. This was the last Yello record of it's kind - future releases saw the duo focusing more on dancefloor electronics and pop songs and less on the quirky experimentation.

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