Friday, January 06, 2006

Funky Friday's Disco Triple Play

Three tunes guaranteed to get you grooving...

Jackie Moore - This Time Baby

Yesterday I sent you off to explore Jockohomo's Top 20 of 2005. Number 11 on that list is Freemasons' Love On My Mind. It's a tasty disco-house track with a big catchy vocal hook. One of my co-workers (and a fellow disco afficionado) said he recognized the vocal hook, and mentioned that it was lifted from some classic disco tune. He came to work today with a CD for me, and on it was Jackie Moore's This Time Baby. It is seven minutes of gorgeously orchestrated disco heaven, straight outta 1979. This is some classic shit - big beats, lots of percussion, those horns and strings and Jackie's husky vocal all make it a real stomper. Spot the bit the Freemasons lifted of it for their hook, and see how the lyrics make up the title of their track. It's fantastic. Thanks to Greg for the sample spotting!

Bob Sinclar - My Only Love

Last night I had a sudden urge to listen to some Bob Sinclar. Today being funky Friday I took his 1998 LP Paradise to work to mix into the 5 disc shuffle. It's a fun set of retro flavored Franco-disco, slickly produced and packaged with tongue in cheek '70s soft core porn shots. The big hit was the Jane Fonda workout sampling Gym Tonic, but one of my fave tracks is My Only Love - feel the funk of that popping bass and the smooth soulful vibe of Lee A. Genesis' vocals.

Towa Tei - Time After Time

Another record making it into the 5 disc shuffle today was former Deee-Lite member Towa Tei's second solo LP Sound Museum, also from 1998. Best known for Kylie Minogue's vocals on GBI, where she sexily intones what it's like to be a font - German Bold Italic to be precise, I also really dig the mid tempo disco vibes of Time After Time, which feature the dulcet tones of singer Amel Larrieux.

The Juan MacLean video for Give Me Every Little Thing is nuts. A tremendously funky song, the video is a crazy ride involving hookers, aliens and some graphically animated virtual reality sex scenes - definitely not appropriate for the workplace!

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