Friday, February 18, 2005

New School/Old School Funky Friday

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The New School

This week brought the long awaited US release of the self titled debut LP from LCD Soundsystem. It's a two disc set, the first disc made up of all new music and the second disc is all of the singles that they've put out over the last couple of years. If you know their output you'll know that disc 2 is a guaranteed smash - "Losing My Edge" and "Give It Up" are worth the price of admission alone. The disc of new stuff is also pretty damn good. It ranges from the typical electro dance tracks to straight up punk riffage to piano balladry - yes, there is a slow jam tune, but in a '70s Lennon kind of way. Disco Infiltrator is definitely a party jam - a great big beat, the Kraftwerk synths and a chorus melody that owes a great deal to the Talking Heads' "Born Under Punches", this tune had me grooving from the get-go. It's fantastic.

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The Old School

I was listening to the soundtrack from Boogie Nights this week and was reminded of what a incredibly BIG song The Commodores' Machine Gun is. It's classic funk (yes, they were actually funky at one time, even with Lionel Richie in tow) with great '70s synthesizer action, killer clavinet, and a cool, oft sampled break. Guaranteed to get you to shake your ass - everything you need on a funky Friday...


João Martinho said...

don't like lcd...

huncke said...

would you hear my songs?
leave a comment.. give me your critical opinion..

lcd: In certain way, I think it's a marketing operation of "repechage" about 80' sounds..

In the other way there's songs very cool..