Monday, February 21, 2005

Kraftwerk's Technological Love Songs

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Inspired by the Kraftwerk-ian synth riffs on Friday's LCD Soundsystem tune I felt the need to listen to the originators. I pulled out 1981's Computer World - of all of their records it's the one I love the most, the one I always want to listen to when I need a good fix of Teutonic machine music. I've always been amazed at how a record made by machines could be so warm and funky, but somehow they pulled it off. The record is chock full of memorable tunes about technology, from Pocket Calculator to Home Computer, all full of those great blippy synth line runs - and remarkable in the way they predicted the future that we all inhabit, with home computers everywhere. Now if only some US label would get around to releasing the remastered back catalog so I can finally get decent recordings on CD!

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