Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Handful Of Covers v3.0 / Alternative Nation Style

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Replicants was a one off project from Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards of early '90s alterna-rockers Failure. Released in 1995, the self titled LP was entirely made up of cover tunes, presumably songs that had inspired the duo. The selection of tunes is pretty interesting, kicking off with The Cars' Just What I Needed, then into Wings' Silly Love Songs. They also do Neil Young, John Lennon, Missing Persons, Syd Barrett, David Bowie and Pink Floyd. The collection is interesting because of their choice of songs - not always the most obvious ones. The three tunes I share with you here are also pretty damn cool. First up is a nice and laid back version of the T. Rex tune Life's A Gas. Gone is the glam, replaced by fuzzed out bliss. Love the great chorus on this tune. Next up is their cover of a tune by one of my all time favorite bands, Steely Dan. Dirty Work is a great track from their first LP, Countdown To Ecstacy, and it too receives a harder rocking, scuzzier sounding treatment. Remarkably few bands cover the Dan - always a mystery to me, because they've got such a great catalog to choose from. Finally is their version of the Gary Numan's Are Friends Electric?. Everybody knows this song, so I won't bore you with a description - it rocks.

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willem said...

Damn, quite a discovery, never heard of this band, I'll be on the lookout for this record - thanks a lot