Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Red And The Black

In 1981 David Byrne and Brain Eno released My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts to great critical acclaim. That same year the other guitarist in the Talking Heads, Jerry Harrison, also released a solo album. It was called The Red And The Black, and was recorded with many of the same musicians that the Heads were woking with at the time (see yesterday's post for some of the names involved). It fits in very nicely with what his band was doing at the time - arty funk rock with spooky atmospherics, much like Remain In Light. One of my fave tracks from it is Worlds In Collision, which is a buzzing midtempo jam featuring the explosive guitar soloing of Adrian Belew. It would be nice if someday this LP could get the remastered reissue treatment - it's definitely worthy of it!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories - long time ago i listened to this vinyl lp on my turntable - and the next is ... catherine wheel? no order only a guess. i own the complete recordings cd and the vinyl edition.

herr k.