Monday, August 30, 2004

The Girl From UNCLE

Due to the kindness of a friend I was able to score a copy of the ultra swanky soundtrack to The Girl From UNCLE. Composed by Terry Randazzo, Dave Grusin and Howard Shores, it's a great combination of exotica laced lounge music - sultry horns, tropical rhythms, spy theme strings and the kind of vocals that usually accompany one of James T. Kirk's encounters with large breasted, green skinned alien vixens. If you've ever heard Dimitri From Paris' 1996 album Sacrebleu you will be familiar with both Out Of The Frying Pan Girl From UNCLE, because he bases two songs around the predominant riffs from these tunes. The first is a bass and bongo driven riff that features big horns and harpsichord and those vixen vocals - classic spy music. The second is a mellow bossa nova, once again with the vixen do-do-do's and fantastic strings, and also a classic Stan Getz styled sax solo. Grab a cocktail and your cigarette holder and get your swank on...

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