Monday, August 16, 2004

Heavenly Pop Hit
New Zealand is generally not known for it's rock bands. There have been a few acts that have made a splash on the global scene - The Clean, The Verlaines, Shona Laing, Crowded House (the Finn brothers are New Zealanders) and The Chills. The Chills were the brainchild of singer - songwriter Martin Phillipps, who began making music in the late '70s. Through many line up changes (10 or 11!) the band recorded a handful of records. The 1990 album Submarine Bells was the record that was supposed to break them to the world. The lead off single (and first track on the record) was Heavenly Pop Hit - The Melody Maker said "the aptest title of the week, a ridiculously attractive three-and-a- half minute mix of angelic harmonies and above-the-clouds tunefulness." It's a spot on review, and the tune is IMO a classic little pop tune. It got loads of airplay on alternative radio at the time, but never quite translated into big sales. The band finally called it quits around '94, although they have now reformed and are preparing new material. Enjoy this little bit of pop bliss...

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