Thursday, June 09, 2011

Forever Young

Joakim - Forever Young (Discodeine Remix)

French producer and artist in his own right Joakim is putting out a new album in September called Nothing Gold. I'm a big fan. My first exposure to him was as the producer of Panico, and over the years I have grooved to his remixes for the likes of Goldfrapp, Late of the Pier, Cut Copy and Friendly Fires, as well as his stellar production of Poni Hoax. The first single from the new album, his 4th, is this delightful track, Forever Young, which has been remixed by Discodeine. Joakim describes the song as the "soundtrack to a late beach sunset on an Indian Summer's night, a setting where time is meaningless, yet quickly fades away." All know is that I like the synthy propulsiveness of it and the nice '80s melancholy feel.

Joakim / Facebook / Tigersushi


Jingles said...


Such a cool track that is. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Nabocough said...

The Discodeine remix is a total summer jam! Can’t get enough of it.

Extra Virgins feature it in their latest mix podcast. Check it out!