Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Promo Action/ Moving Units

Moving Units - Pink Redemption
One of my favorite bands to came out of the oughties' post-punk rebirth movement was Moving Units. I was a huge fan of their debut album, 2004's Dangerous Dreams. Taut grooves, snotty guitars and danceable beats made it an oft played record that year. 2007's Hexes For Exes further refined their style. Now they are poised to return, releasing a new EP, Tension War on Valentine's Day. The first taste is Pink Redemption, a reworking of Hexes' first track Pink Thoughts. The result is a dubbier, funkier take. Can't wait to hear more...

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Melaisis said...

Michael, I have just discovered this blog and I fucking love it. Keep up the good work.