Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Emerald, Sapphire, Gold

ESG - Dance To The Beat Of My Moody

London’s Fire Records has released a great two-disc compilation - Dance To The Best of ESG - from New York's legendary punk/funk family band ESG (Emerald, Sapphire and Gold.) Covering their earliest Martin Hannett produced tracks such as "Moody" and "UFO" right through their latest releases from the oughties, this compilation leans heavily on the foundation that made them one of the most sampled artists of all-time. A list of artists who sampled them? TLC, the Wu-Tang Clan, the Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, Tricky, Jay-Dee (J-Dilla) and indie rockers like Unrest and Liars. I'm a huge fan of their tight, minimal grooves. Over the last decade Soul Jazz records has reissued most of their albums, as well as the new music they recorded in the early 2000's. I own them all. This compilation is a great introduction for those of you who have never heard their post-punk funkiness but are curious. Highly recommended!

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