Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Music Tuesday

New Young Pony Club has finally gotten around to following their great 2007 album Fantastic Playground. The new album is called The Optimist, and it is available digitally as of today. The band have self produced and released it themselves in Europe and PIAS are helping them get it out to the rest of the world. Their debut was a nice mix of disco and post-punk riffing, mostly a blueprint ripped from the early '80s, topped off with Ty Bulmer's sassy/snotty vocal stylings. With The Optimist they pretty much pick up where they left off - big beats, shiny riffs, loads of funktastic bass and catchy songs all over the place. It has a grittier edge to it, and is more of an adult pop record than the last one. I really like it. The band have offered up a bonus track to share with you, a Ty Bulmer remix of the album track We Want To. It's a tasty death-disco romp - enjoy!

New Young Pony Club - We Want 2

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i'm so worried about your blog, you're one of the last good ones. other bloggers are taken off... locus st. ... keep the coffee coming especially... will you be allowed to stay?