Thursday, April 29, 2010

MSP/ Communist Daughter

Communist Daughter - Not The Kid

Communist Daughter are a Minnesota folkie-indie rock band. Their debut album Soundtrack To the End was released a few weeks ago on Grain Belt Records. It is an album born of pain, addiction, heartbreak and prison time. Singer John Solomon used to front local heroes Friends Like These, until a couple of years ago when he had had enough and he broke up the band. He moved to a small town in Wisconsin, bought a restaurant and worked at getting his shit together. A while back he began inviting musical friends over to jam on songs, and Communist Daughter was born - named after a Neutral Milk Hotel song. They made an instant impact on the local scene, and are poised to try and take it national. Their album is great. It has quiet, dreamy introspective moments, full of lovely folksy harmonizing. There are electric rockers, full of riffs and swirly synths. John's voice is reminiscent of Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, and his lyrics are as sharp as the record's hooks and subtle melodies. Not The Kid chugs along on a T.Rex-ish riff, features lovely chiming keys and strummy guitars, and reminisces about childhood memories gone by. Lovely. You can stream the rest of the record on the band's Myspace. Worth checking out.


FYI - if you're wondering what the significance of MSP in the title of this post is - it is the airport abbreviation for Minneapolis/St. Paul. If you see it in the future you'll know you're about to hear some Minnesota music...

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