Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Totally Hot But Pretty Awesome

Sinkane - Totally Hot But Pretty Awesome
Sinkane is multi talented instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab. I have already done a couple of posts about this guy. He has been the drummer for SIART faves Caribou, as well as for of Montreal & Born Ruffians. His solo stuff is psychedelic noise rock that ranges from blistering to sublime, a journey full of drones, repetition, and bombastic percussion. I really like it a lot. His latest self titled album came out last month, and the tunes I have posted have been real sonic ragers. Today's tune is one of the quieter moments of blissful space out - OK, so it gets loud towards the end, but the majority of the song is mellow. It might put you in the mind of Pink Floyd. It is delicious.
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