Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My '70s Remastered

Big Star's seminal recordings #1 Record & Radio City have been available as a two-albums-on-one-CD for many years now. The problem has always been that the CD is mastered at a very quiet level, completely unfitting of the music contained within. All that has changed with Concord Music Group's remastering of the two. The new reissue also contains two tracks never before seen on CD. Suffice it to say that it sounds spectacular - punchy, loud and full of detail. It makes me so very happy. Here are a couple of classics - one from each album - demonstrating their power pop hugeness and their softer side. A must have.

Big Star - Feel

Big Star - September Gurls

Hot Video Action

The Gossip - Heavy Cross
This is the jam of the moment - such great spiky riffs, and that voice!

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