Monday, November 24, 2008

Não Wave

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Rui Maia, drummer and keyboardist for Portuguese rockers X-Wife. He included an mp3 for me to share with you. Formed in 2002, X-Wife have released a couple of albums worth of quality new wave inspired synth rock. I originally came across them a few years back on some blog or another, and dug them right away. I have always been disappointed that no label in the US has ever taken a chance on them. This makes it very hard for fans like me to get hold of their music. They sing in English and they are as good as any number of their musical peers (CSS/LCD Soundsystem/The Rapture/DFA 1979), so you would have thought their chances would be pretty decent. Well, they still don't have a US deal, so if you want to get hold of their records your only option is to buy them digitally. Which is OK for some folks, but I still like holding the physical product in my hands and always will.

X-Wife - Nothing Else To Prove

X-Wife on myspace

X-Wife on iTunes

X-Wife - On The Radio


Nick said...

top band for sure!

FaRu said...

X-wife are seriously one of the best portuguese bands at the moment! I've seen their concert at central musical's website and it i just wish that i've been there!