Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Le Disco - Tele Music Remixed"

If you are a regular reader of my humble little page you know I tend to like most things funky. Today is no exception. Le Disco is a stack of world-class disco from 1979 that, as library music, was never commercially released. So, apart from a few wily collectors, no-one has ever played these tracks for a dance floor. The team of musicians who did most of the disco library recordings were in both Arpadys and Voyage - Slim Pezin, Alain Dahan, Sauveur Mallia, Marc Chantereau etc. These musicians also graced some of France’s biggest disco hits, but recording for Tele Music was their chance to really cut loose. Tele Music was sort of the French equivalent to KPM, the famous British library label that Alan Hawkshaw and others recorded for. They were also responsible for releasing the highly collectible Arpadys album and the Voyage LPs.

This is the first part of the project - volume two follows in 2009. Most of the tracks are culled from the Disco & Co series of library albums, as well as the Spatial & Co and Arpadys projects. DJhistory has unearthed the original tapes and recruited an all-star cast of splicing fingers – the Unabombers, Ray Mang, the Idjut Boys, Leo Zero, Mudd, Al Kent, Faze Action and Toby Tobias – to polish them up for today’s dancefloors. Suffice it to say that this a truly tasty set of tunes that is guaranteed to get you grooving. Enjoy a couple of samples - the Faze Action edit is fantastic IMO - and stream the rest here.

Tele Music - Disco Free (Faze Action Edit)
Tele Music - Baby's Band (LeoZero Edit)

It is currently only available as a digital download. It will be pressed on vinyl LP at some point. Buy Le Disco - Tele Music Remixed

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John said...

Unrelated, but...

...go iTunes, type in "Fascination EP" and be AMAZED.

And a new bonus track, too!