Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Music Tuesday

I've hyped Kelpe in the past here at SIART - I'm a a big fan of his take on electronic music and have been rocking his album Ex-Aquarium all year. This week sees the release of a 12" vinyl and digital only EP called Extra-Aquarium which is a bunch of remixes from the album. Remixers include Zombie-Zombie, label mates The Oscillation and Kelpe himself. The vinyl has 4 tracks and the download has 8 - if you buy the vinyl you also get the download version. Kel sent me a track to share so enjoy the dreamy, clicky Colours Don't Leak as remixed by The Boats.

Kelpe - Colours Don't Leak (The Boats Remix)

Listen to more samples + buy here.

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