Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Music Tuesday

Brendan Canning - Love Is New

Canadian rock collective Broken Social Scene has been a fertile testing ground for many a budding indie rocker. Some are better known than others - Feist and Emily Haines (Metric) and Amy Millan (Stars) all have contributed. The last year has seen several good solo albums from some of the guys, namely Kevin Drew and Jason Collett. Now comes the latest - Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning. Something For All Of Us... hits shelves today. It is a nice collection of songs and instrumentals, taking in gentle ballads, lots of horn parts, urgent indie rock and some semi-psychedelic spazz outs - a perfect mix of melody, rhythm and noise. It is interesting to hear these solo projects, to hear what each individual brings to the main group, and this one is no different. Considering that Brendan is not one of the major songwriters for the group it is amazing to hear how much this album sounds like a BSS record. His band mates back him up ably, and this record reminds me a lot of BSS' You Forgot It In People, which is my personal fave. The one track that really grabbed me first is Love Is New, a midtempo groover that Pitchfork calls the worst track on the album. Whatever. I really dig the spacy, funky vibe.

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