Thursday, April 03, 2008

Universal Indians

Dark Meat are a 17 piece psychedelic jazz rock collective from Athens, GA. According to their bio they feature "double drums, shredding guitars, jazz bursts, gospel vocals and marching band horns! Dark Meat lives together, eats together and makes music together, the true meaning of collective - several members live in Orange Twin, a 100-acre sustainable-living eco-village, where members farm, do bio-diesel conversion and host shows at their amphitheater. For three years, Dark Meat has thrilled crowds with earth-shaking, hallelujah-roaring performances throughout the South." The band's past and current lineup include members from Of Montreal, Elf Power, The Instruments, We Versus Shark, Gnarls Barkley and more. They self released their album Universal Indians back in 2006. It has been picked up by Vice Records, expanded with three songs, and is being reissued next week. It is a heap of fun. Loud and raucous, most of the songs sprawl into chaos then re-emerge. You'll hear free jazz, classic rock, the blues, a dash of punk, Celtic folk and so much more. Its like The Polyphonic Spree without the cult appeal, but much looser and cruder too. Here is how the band describes itself on it's myspace page;


Sounds Like

Very amusing. Freedom Ritual kicks off the album in great style. Starts softly but gets very loud. Enjoy, and if you do I think you will like the rest of the record too.

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