Thursday, April 10, 2008

Psonic Psunspot

I love me some XTC. I also love their alter-ego The Dukes Of Stratosphear. They only ever released two records - 1985's 25 O'Clock EP and 1987's Psonic Psunspot. The former is a blast of nugget-y psychedelic garage rock, a glorious tribute to the '60s. It's follow up is a more polished affair, but mines a similar vein of music. These were combined for a remastered reissue in 2002 under the title Chips From The Chocolate Fireball. Both sets bookended 1986's Skylarking, XTC's most psychedelic and '60s influenced work to date. I am a big fan of these records. They are exuberant in their recreations of the past, and contain some seriously killer songs. Today's selections come from Psonic Psunspot. Both are dynamic rockers with hooks to spare, big beats and bass, and lots of psychedelic production touches. Great stuff. For more in depth on these records check out Pitchfork's review or the write up at allmusic .
Little Lighthouse
You're My Drug

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