Thursday, June 14, 2007

My New Favorite Record This Week

My favorite new record this week isn't really new. Carnavas, the debut album from L.A. four piece Silversun Pickups, came out last year. Its new to me though. I was watching MTV2 a couple of weekends ago, and I was, shall we say, pleasantly buzzed. It was a block of live performances, and this band came on. I believe the song was Lazy Eye. It totally caught my ear, with its hugely catchy riffs and tight, precise rhythm section rocking. There was a great feedback filled rock out in the middle section and I was hooked. I actually got up and grabbed a scrap of paper to scrawl the band name on. I bought the album a couple of days later, and am quite happy with it. Is it innovative? Not particularly. It hearkens back to some of the '90s bands I enjoyed, especially Smashing Pumpkins, only they add some serious shoe gaze-y flavor as well as crisp production and effects. I am really enjoying the mighty guitars - loads of great solos and sounds - as well as the bass playing chick who also sings. These are two of my faves...
Waste It On
Lazy Eye

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