Sunday, June 03, 2007

Funky Friday Will Rise (On Sunday)

Herb Alpert - Rise
This 1979 LP was reissued this week. It has been remastered and expanded with two bonus tracks. According to the sleeve notes, the record was born out of an ill advised attempt to turn Herb's Tijuana Brass Band hits into disco - "We went into the studio with some wonderful studio musicians, but after listening to the boom boom boom disco beat of The Lonely Bull, I got a terrible feeling in my stomach and decided to let those '60s classics rest in peace." Instead his collaborators played him a bit of a new song, Rise, which he suggested they slow down from it's uptempo disco pacing. The song went on to win the Grammy for best pop instrumental. The rest of the album features more disco-ish tracks and his 1980 Olympic fanfare, all superbly played by the cream of studio sessioneers. The thing I like about this stuff is the electronic flavor - there are some great synth sounds scattered throughout. Most people will recognize Rise as the choice sample source for Notorious B.I.G.'s 1997 classic Hypnotize. Rotation is more experimental. The alternate version is one of the album's bonus tracks, and is a lot more electro than the original. The 12" version is off of a cool promo CD single and has only ever been on vinyl. Very groovy.
Rotation (Original 12" Remix)
Rotation (Alternative Version)

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