Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Music Tuesday Assumes The Magic Position

Patrick Wolf's third album The Magic Position gets its US release today. I have been listening to a bootleg of this album for a couple of months now and it is fantastic. I picked up my legit copy today. I am new to young (he's only 23) Patrick's music, having never heard his previous music. From what I've read, the early albums (which are now on my want list) are experimental and electronic filled with dark, stark ballads and songs that hinted at pop possibilities. The Magic Position is a much brighter, happier record - that should be apparent from the colorful cover shot, eh? Big swelling choruses abound, as do laptop glitches and horns and all manner of sonic embellishment. The tunes are memorable, with hints of the melancholy of old. There is a semi spooky cameo from Marianne Faithfull. It is a big, swoony ride of an album that has me captivated. The title track is an explosion of sounds - big Motown beats, strings, horns, toy pianos and a glorious chorus. Let's Go Get Lost really reminds me of early The The - there is something about the melody and the combination of electric and acoustic instruments. A great album that deserves a listen.
The Magic Position
Let's Go Get Lost

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