Friday, May 18, 2007

Funky Friday Four Pack

I've had a craptacularly crappy week. I haven't had time to post once. Life has been speeding by, with every moment filled with activity. Yowsah. Thank goodness it's Friday, because lord knows I need a break from the drudgery. Here are some fantastic new tunes to get you dancing your way into the weekend.

Junior Boys - Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)
The Dead Horse EP
Carl sprinkles minimalism all over this, and in the end it is 10 minutes and 39 seconds of techno bliss.

Bonde Do Role - Marina Do Bairro
With Lasers
Fat electro from the forthcoming LP from these Brazilian blogger favorites. A very enjoyable album.

Justice - New Jack

The current faves of the music blogosphere - all you need to do is check out the Hype Machine's Popular Blog Tracks to see that. Despite all of the hype, it is a record that is largely worthy of your attention.

Amerie - Some Like It
Because I Love It
Amerie sings over a backing track constructed from samples of Malcolm McClaren's World's Famous, taken from his seminal debut album Duck Rock. Produced by Trevor Horn, performed by him and his cohorts (who went on to become Art Of Noise), it is a prime slice of 1983 NYC flavored electro. Inspired choice of source material indeed.

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