Monday, February 19, 2007

The Moonstation House Band

One of the record store clerks where I shop recommended the debut album from David Vandervelde. Called The Moonstation House Band, it is an eclectic set of music that has obvious influences - folk and glam rock of the '60s and '70s, especially Marc Bolan's T.Rex and the art rock of Bowie and Roxy. Despite those influences the Chicago native has crafted a memorable set of tunes that transcend the source. It's impressive to note that the guy plays almost everything on the record. He gets a bit of assistance from Wilco's Jay Bennett, who provides the studio (and bass on two songs). The music ranges from the full on assault of album opener Nothin' No (Hello T.Rex!) to the lushly orchestrated Moonlight Instrumental, reminiscent of Air. String arrangements are courtesy of Beck's dad David Campbell, who handled the same duties on recent faves by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Air. All in all a nice little record that leaves me waiting to see what David will come up with next.

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