Thursday, February 15, 2007

Money For All

Over the few years that I have been doing this blog I have made my love for David Sylvian and his former band Japan well known. The last couple of years have seen him involved in Nine Horses, a collaboration with his brother (and former Japan drummer) Steve Jansen and Burnt Friedman. They released an LP in 2005 called Snow Borne Sorrow, which featured some of the most conventional music Sylvian had done in years. I loved it's slight return to something resembling pop songs. Now comes this EP. It features a few remixes of tracks from that album, plus three new songs and their companion remixes. Money For All kicks off the EP, and finds Sylvian launching into a political rant about the US and it's current foreign policies - "wipe your nation's shame from you, it's not where you're born, it's the things that you do". The music is a swampy, folktronica groove with double bass, funky thumb piano, gospel-ly backing vocals and nice guitar. Wonderful World (Burnt Friedman Remix) is a track from the debut which features the lovely vocals of Stina Nordenstam. The treatment here is all about the double bass, and spaced out effects. It really reminds me of Sylvian's solo debut Brilliant Trees. Very nice.

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