Friday, November 17, 2006

Funky Friday Full Of Soul

I have been on a bit of a a soul/funk/r'n'b binge this week so today's four pack is a good indicator of where I'm at...

Bill Withers - Use Me
A great clavinet driven hook, Bill's honey voice and the overall funky vibe of this makes it a favorite of mine.

Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - Kiburi (Pt.1)
I just picked up this reissue of an early '70s obscurity. It is essentially the roots of hip hop breaks and beats, all on one LP. The version of Apache which Grandmaster Flash first used 25 years ago is here. The beat that the Beasties and Massive Atack sampled is here. Musically it is often cheesy, with lounge-y elements and lots of "acid rock" guitar, and of course loads of bongo. It is also often fantastic, and as on this track, very funky. A little piece of musical history.

Anthony Hamilton - Sista Big Bones
I saw the video for this a few weeks ago and it made a big impression on me. I picked up his latest album Ain't Nobody Worryin', which features the song. A come on to a "big girl" - played in the video by comic Mo'Nique - it's sultry and warm and soulful. I love the piano rolls and Anthony's croon reminds me a bit of Lou Rawls. A very nice LP of old school soul.

Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
I scored a used copy of the 2CD The Definitive Soul Collection last weekend. It is 30 of Aretha's best from the early years. It is, as she says in the song "a funky and lowdown feeling". A crucially funky track. You cannot resist Aretha.

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