Friday, November 10, 2006

Funky Friday Four Pack

A classic slice of 1997 neo-soul courtesy of Masters At Work aka Nuyorican Soul. Featuring jazz guys like George Benson and Roy Ayers and vocals from Jocelyn Brown and India, it hops from jazz to disco to Latin to hip hop. It's a fantastic album, and Runaway is a classy disco epic with full blown arrangements.

I downloaded Amerie's Take Control a few weeks ago and am smitten by it. Written and produced by Cee-Lo, it's a kiler funk throwback - delicious guitar, Cee-Lo's backing vocals, tight horns and BAM! Beyoncé wishes she had this tune.

I was playing the excellent Ze Records compilation Mutant Disco at work today and found myself really enjoying
Material and Nona Hendryx's Bustin' Out. I particularly enjoy the bass on this muscular disco rock track, and Nona's vocals are fierce as always. A chunky funker.

When you see the words DFA Remix you know what's coming - thumping beats, lots of scuzz, and radical reworkings of songs. Their remix of Justin Timberlake's My Love (DFA Remix) is all of that. Gone is the Euro techno flavor of the original - in fact, all that remains of the original is the vocals. I really dig this, especially the spaced out fuzz jam towards the end.

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