Friday, December 03, 2004

Funky Friday - A Little Bit Of Luther

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The first time I heard Luther Vandross' Never Too Much I was floored. The thumb poppingly funky bass riff, the big orchestration, the jazzy piano riffing and the sweeter than sweet vocals of Luther made this a must have. His partnership with bassist Marcus Miller created some great, soulful music, and the 1981 LP that this track shares it's title with is filled with lush r'n'b - half aimed at the dancefloor, the other filled with those awesome "quiet storm" ballads that Luther is so good at. Nobody hits those high notes like he does, and his vocal riffing at the end of this song gives me shivers every time. A classic that should have you struttin' in no time!


Maven said...

Yeah dude! About time s1 posted some 80's rnb. Sure thing, 90% is pure crap but this is a real nugget right here. THX!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the luther...his warm, rich voice fills the body and the soul...greg