Wednesday, December 29, 2004

David Holmes' Ocean's Twelve

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David Holmes seems to be director Steven Soderbergh's favorite soundtrack scorer. After having done Out Of Sight and Ocean's Eleven he's back for that film's sequel. Where the first movie's soundtrack was a very "Vegas" styled set of music, this one takes on a darker, more European sound. Several of the non-Holmes tracks are from the '70s - by Piero Umiliani and Dynastie Crisis, and also Dave Grusin. There is also a track by Holmes' mate and studio partner Hugo Nicholson AKA Yellowhammer. The rest of the tunes are by David Holmes - $165 Million + Interest [into] The Round Up is two tracks - the first half is a very Serge Gainsbourg inspired cinematic rock track, all big twangy guitars and chunky bass. I kept expecting to hear Serge start singing at any moment. The second half is a playful, horn filled romp - a bit of hip hop in the beats, but it's the horns that get me on this - it's a Pink Panther kind of thing. Nice and funky.

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thebeathunters said...

hi there
smashin' soundtrack! the intro italian song is pure cheesy bliss (and i can't get it out of my head...) i really got into the music before seeing the film last week and dholmes' job is perfect; i totally had forgotten about dynastie crisis, the "other" french rock band back in the 70's, next to martin circus and i'm sure the license from such a blockbuster was their best xmas present ever!