Monday, July 26, 2004

Kissing With Confidence - Will Powers

In the early '80s noted rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith decided to try her hand at recording music. Under the AKA Will Powers she assembled a crack team of musicicans including Nile Rodgers, Todd Rundgren, Tom Bailey, Steve Winwood, Sting and Carly Simon. They recorded an LP of synthy tunes over which Lynn recited all manner of psycho babble and motivational self improvement speeches, her voice heavily altered to sound somewhat male-like. The single Kissing With Confidence was (and is) goofy novelty hit - it's all about how to improve your love life by improving your kissing technique, but it's very breezy, and Carly's vocals are nice, as are the gospel-ly back up vocals. Another "straight from the '80s crate" gem.

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