Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Charlatans have a new album out (Up At The Lake) and Feel The Pressure is one of the standout tunes - nice guitar riff, Tim's falsetto, and a groovy disco beat. I love it when the Charlatans get funky.

Interpol's Evil is another standout tune, from the forthcoming Antics - another big bass / guitar riff, very minimal until the chorus kicks in and it's pure Interpol. I'm very excited about this new record - no sophomore slump!

Faultline's Biting Tongues is one of the new songs from the reissue of Your Love Means Everything - it appears here in remix form, done by up and comer Brits Hot Chip. It's slowed down dancehall with a big rubber band-y sproinging bass line and a bit of toasting. Look for a cool remix of this done by The Bug which is a lot more ragga and harder edged.

This week's flashback is a two pack of tunes from Ride . I was a big fan of these boys - a great combination of shoegazing hugeness and Byrdsy melodies and harmonies. I saw 'em live a couple of times and they were always great. The discs I bought in the early '90s are woefully low in volume so I picked up their greatest hits comp from 2002 called OX4 (and ordered the box of all of the records remastered). I couldn't decide between these two songs so I give you both - Taste is a big rock tune with enormous guitar sound, the Byrds comparison applies here - so dreamy and sunny. Vapour Trail is more like what MBV or Lush were doing - midtempo, a bit gloomier, although once again it's a perfect riff, and the addition of strings is glorious - they carry the tune towards the end. Great driving music on a sunny day!

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