Friday, April 20, 2012

Scream Therapy

Therapist is a three piece indie band with members Suz residing in Phoenix, AZ, and Ant and Marco, both residing in California. They are shouty post-punk dance rock practitioners, and I love that shit. Suz sings with the right amount of snark and snarl and the music is tight and angular. Blake Miller from Moving Units delivers a tasty remix of their single I Know What I Want. Download their new Heart Beats EP @ Bandcamp - name your own price!

RIYL: Moving Units, The Rapture, Death From Above 1979, Glass Candy, The Chinese Stars

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allansbillyhyde said...

I have noticed that there are lots of post-punk dance rock bands that are emerging these days. Listening to them reminded me of The Ting Tings. I listened to their EP over at Bandcamp and the song that stood out for me was Heart Beats. It got stuck in my head and I couldn't stop singing 'my heart beats faster for you' the whole day.