Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Violent Sensation Descends

NYC based combo Violens are my current obsession. Born from the ashes of Miami art collective Lansing Dreiden, they pick up from where that band left off. LD mixed art rock and prog with idyll pop, and slathered it in the gloss of the '80s. Violens retain all of those elements, but they punch it all up a bit more. Their debut album Amoral came out at the tail end of last year and it is chock full of psych pop gems. They start with a foundation of '60s jangle pop and '70s art rock and then couch it all in the sounds of '80s new wave with a dash of post punk. The record is crisply produced and the songs are super melodic, full of lovely vocal harmonies and anthemic choruses. One minute they are raging loudness - think Kevin Shields' guitar on a My Bloody Valentine record - and the next they hit you with blissful, quiet bits of dreaminess - think the perfect jangle of Johnny Marr. The music seduces you with it's sweetness, and then you realize that they're singing about nightmares, death and drug induced hallucinations. Gloom never sounded so good. They are good friends with MGMT - they've toured together and have remixed MGMT songs, so if you like MGMT there is a pretty good chance you'll like Violens. I am seriously amazed at how under the radar these guys are flying - I love this record and wish the whole world would get on board too.

Violens - Spirit

Violens - Acid Reign

Violens - When To Let Go

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