Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peace Redux

Back in April I wrote a post about Spanish DJ/production team Buffetlibre. They had just put together a musical project called Peace to support Amnesty International. The deal is simple. There are over 180 songs from some established stars and a bunch of up and comers. New songs and covers in all shapes and sizes. You pay a pittance and get to download the whole lot - 320 kpbs mp3s, credits and biographies and a chance to win tickets to the best music festivals in the world. All of the money raised will be used for Amnesty International’s investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of human rights abuses around the world. The clincher here is that the project is due to end on July 12th, after which the music will be taken down. Support a good cause and get some bitchin' tunes - easy!

Here is a fair sampling to whet your appetite - indie pop, dance beats, an electro cover of the Beatles and a bit of hip hop.

Mendetz - Freed From Desire
Sally Shapiro - Hello Goodbye
Chinese Christmas Cards - Dreams
The Hidden Cameras - The Mild Mannered Army
Air France feat. Jack Wilson - Collapsing At Your Doorstep (new version)

Full track list of songs HERE...

Go on. You know you want to...

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Mbop Promotions said...

Love The Hidden Camera, sounds like a good project!!