Friday, May 21, 2010

Funky Friday

Fizunk fer yer Friziday.
After a brief break funky Friday is back. You got your mash up courtesy of The Slips. You've got your your groovy remixes of songs old and new - Valerna vs. The Cars/Passion Pit vs. Tokyo Police Club/Don Diablo vs. Kaz & Macy/Justin Robertson vs. Erol & Boyz Noize. Tasty Afro disco? Buari hits the spot. How about a slice of Bollywood heaven via NYC's stellar Avramina 7, led by trumpeter Michael Leonhart? A killer band with a great album (Seahorse & The Storyteller) - one of my faves of the year so far. Throw in a new tune from Mock & Toof, a slab of Black Devil Disco dub, a drumcentric remix of Caribou and your party play list is complete. Press play and let your feet do the rest.

Beastie Boys vs. Deadmau5 - Fight For Your Right 2 Deadmau5 (The Slips Mash Up)
Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33's Remix)
Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) (Passion Pit Remix)
Kaz James ft. Macy Gray - Can't Hold Back (Don Diablo Remix)
Caribou - Odessa (David Wrench's Drumapella)
Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - Jaipur
The Cars - Moving in Stereo (Valerna Remix)
Mock & Toof - Farewell To Wendo
Black Devil Disco - Never No Dub
Buari - Advice From Father


Mbop said...

Great mix there! Perhaps should do a Monday mash-up too, to pick everyone up after the weekend! Anybody got any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

The Slips mash up is genius. is where i got mine first time - get the boys noize la roux mash up too

the saucer people said...

Its all about the 'B's: Beastie Boys, Boys Noise and my personal favourites the old Buari track and the mighty Black Devil Disco Club with 35 years of the Fevre magic and still going strong...actually its also about Mock & Toof so my neat alphabeticising goes down the pan!
The new Mock & Toof album is well worth actually BUYING...high praise indeed!

Like the layered détournement of the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles photo with the UFO in the that a crane and a magnifying glass?? The things these young people come up with these days...its marvelous