Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Music Tuesday

The Horrors - New Ice Age
I am obsessed with British rock music. Always have been. The latest band of British persuasion that I'm obsessed with is The Horrors. They have been around for a few years now - their debut Strange House came out in 2007 and was pretty much maligned by the press. It never made it onto my radar/CD player. Their new album Primary Colours came out today. It was produced by Portishead main man Geoff Barrow and Craig Silvey. Two of the tracks were produced by video auteur Chris Cunningham. A mate of mine recommended the album in passing a few weeks ago so I decided to investigate. I am hooked. It is a heady combination of many things I like; some Psychedelic Furs, a dash of My Bloody Valentine, equal parts Jesus & Mary Chain and Phil Spector, a smidge of PIL, sprinkled lightly with some Joy Division and Interpol, then slathered in Geoff's prog/motorik production. It has raging guitars, pounding drums and plenty of icy synth action. It has anthems, catchy riffs and some quiet art moments too. It covers all of the bases for me. God bless you British rock people...


swissadam said...

Hear hear. Top album and somewhat unexpected.

Blip said...

We like you too.