Thursday, May 22, 2008


Back in the mid '90s when trip hop was the bee's knees the Austrian duo of Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister were top of the class. They were remixers to virtually everyone in their musical realm, and then some. I dug their laid back vibe, the whiff of spliff, the hints of jazz and dub. They recorded an EP of original music, G-Stoned, whose cover is a great tribute to the classic Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel.
They have never released a follow up. Seems amazing, but its true. They did loads of remixes, and there are a few tracks on compilations that aren't on this EP, but there was never an album. Or another EP. I have always marveled at that. They have released a fair amount of music as Peace Orchestra (Kruder) and Tosca (Dorfmeister), but very little under the K&D brand. Both are still active - Tosca and Kruder's Voom:Voom put out music last year. Anyway, I love this EP, and side B is K&D at their best...
High Noon
Original Bedroom Rockers

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