Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hercules And Love Affair

The DFA Records crew are getting heads nodding with their latest signing, Hercules And Love Affair. They are New York producer and DJ Andrew Butler, singers Nomi and Kim Ann Foxman, as well as special guest vocalist Antony Hegarty from Antony & The Johnsons. They enlisted Tim Goldsworthy to program and produce the self titled debut, and it is a disco stunner. And by disco, I mean the good stuff - the '70s underground, Arthur Russell, Ze Records, Giorgio Moroder, Grace Jones and Larry Levan's Paradise Garage mixes all come to mind. It is a throbbing mix of classic disco influences, live instrumentation and current electronic production. There are strings, horns and synths. There are funky instrumentals. And I even like the songs Antony sings on, despite not being a fan of his vibrato overloaded croon. The record was released this week in Europe, with no US date yet. It is fantastic, so I hope America gets a chance to try it out soon.
Hercules' Theme
Classique #2 (Edit)
(non-album cut)

And here is a little bonus that I originally posted a couple of weeks ago - the Hercules And Love Affair remix of Goldfrapp's A&E.
A&E (Hercules And Love Affair Remix)

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